Interior Services

Interior Painting

Home is a place of comfort and refuge, a place for guests and entertaining, and a creative palette that reflects your personality, taste, and values. We used different techniques to paint interiors by sprayer and roll or brush and roll. Interior repaint we cover all furniture, mask all working areas including floor, spackle all the nail holes, caulk, tape in between walls, and trim. We mask all fixer or pull out. If we used different color in ceilings we caulk and tape in between ceiling and walls.  As a premium house painting contractor, we use proven products, exact techniques, and expert attention to detail.


Staining Wood cabinets, Railings, Doors, and Trims

home, everything you need for a great-looking finish every time. To strip the clear coat off the Interior stain work, to give you  an elegant and fresh new vibe to your interior mood. By sanding the wood work or wood strip, both all dependents in the condition of wood and if trim we used wood putty when their is nail holes or missing wood.(if trim has nail holes we fill wood color wood putty or  any missing  chunks, we repair them with wood color spackle). Conditioner treats wood before staining to achieve more uniform color. We use oil-based stain to get a longer durable working  every time. Varnishes protects with a thin coating, to create a smooth finish. It takes a minimum of two coats, so we can used lacquer or Polyurethane forms a thicker, hard coating that is very durable.

metal railings

We offer high quality, decorative paint job. As a part of a residential living. The out side metal fences encircle, encapsulate our property ,and  demarcate that valuable turf we call our land let us make it look beautiful.  We cover the area around the railings carefully, such as masking and taping by using drop cloths for larger spaces. We sand and wire brush to take the rust out. By apply oil base paint to the railings there is 3 ways to apply the paint by spraying it, by powder coating, by brushing and rolling it (which applies to exterior has well). To make a finished clean and clear look.

Texture Aplication and pop corn removal

 It takes years of experience to resurface walls to a level 5 or orange peel , knock down. Before we texture we mask floors, trim, doors, casing windows, and pull out all fixture from the walls. All entrances wplastic  and if  its need we Scrape and Sand. By sanding it, it takes “elbow grease” and no one likes to do it, but it must be done to insure that the old paint does not cause the new texture to peel. Power sanders and grinders are sometimes used to get the job done. By patching & repairing to correct all surface defects. We caulk the windows, seams and gaps in wood work. Patching creates a sound and uniform surface for coating. That can increase your home’s value and curb appeal and erase all imperfections.